Yes, this is us about a year before we had our daughter. As you can see I was going through my Kat Von D phase, where I was rockin’ the red hair. It reflected my need to rebel, and of course one can’t go through a midlife crisis without a little ink on the arm. Ryan and I are both wearing Johnny Cash T-shirts, fitting for a night of sushi + drinks. We’ve always been the non-conventional, late 30s and career-minded with no-kids type when we got together.

New Aging Parents is a blog dedicated to folks like us who are late bloomers. We went to school and put off reproducing. We focused on our careers and continued to hold off on creating little humans. Before we knew it, time had gone by and we’re a little more educated and on the cusp of what’s considered a “safe” age to have a baby.  Let’s just say we had an unplanned moment, but figured there was no way we would get pregnant so quickly. After all, we had friends who spent quite a bit of money trying to conceive, women who were younger than me, even. We were planning on having a baby, but we weren’t going to officially start trying till the following year.

Lo and behold, our daughter came to be. We were utterly baffled and shocked, excited and scared. Now, we can’t even imagine our lives without her. If you’re a working professional, late in the game when it comes to having kids, then maybe you can relate to us and vice versa. We’re not here to write about how to be a parent, because we honestly no clue. But, we are here to share our journey and hope that you follow along for the ride.

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